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      Tianjin Shelving Factory 丨 Virtue Shelves 丨 Warehouse Shelves 丨 Factory Support 丨 Boutique 丨 Super 丨 Medium-Size Shelves 丨 Heavy-duty Shelves

      Main Business: Warehouse Shelves Factory Shelves Supermarket Shelves Domestic Shelves Heavy Duty Shelves Medium Shelfs


      We can provide customized development and production of non-standard products according to your needs.

      • AAL
      • SF
      • AW
      • SSF
      • STB
      • WIN
      • MSC
      • MFC
      • ST
      • LT

      Meide (Tianjin) Storage Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional companyStorage shelf equipment、Logistics delivery system、Supermarket shelvesSuch as the planning, design, manufacture and installation of shelf service providers

        Meide (Tianjin) Storage Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional and integrated enterprise that engages in combined three-dimensional warehouses, various types of warehousing logistics shelves, supermarket shelves, R&D, manufacturing, and installation. In the eyes of the industry, it has grown into one of the largest shelf manufacturers in the country, and the products not only have a good reputation in the country. In recent years, it has been exported to Europe, America and Asia.
      It consists of first-line production personnel, technology research and development team, sales team and company management team. The company has a number of fixed cold bending profile automatic rolling production line, automatic continuous steel strip punching Production line, automatic welding production line, automatic coating production line and a number of red. Shear. Folding. Milling.
      With the development of modern commerce, the shelves are getting more and more attention from people. However, how to choose the right shelf has become a difficult point. With "virtue," it is all for us! "Elaborately build the world is solid, trustworthy and pragmatic and innovative" is our slogan and sincere service is our commitment. Based on the principle of integrity and pragmatism, we provide quality services to more and more factory enterprises and merchants. Products cover Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, and other large and medium-sized cities and exported to Europe and the United States and Asia and other countries, the products involved in major corporate warehouses, group companies, shopping malls, supermarkets, product display centers, exhibitions, logistics, shops and major wholesale markets. More>>
      Meide (Tianjin) Storage Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ADD:Liu Anzhuang Industrial Zone, Xiaodian Town, Beichen District, Tianjin (No. 41 Jiamei Road) 津ICP備14002194號-2
      CONTACT:Manager Guo TEL:13821211686 022-26397375 EMAIL:mdhuojia@126.com
      Technical support: Vamedia Star (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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